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Read and download the articles in Arabic on Al-Nanawtawi’s discourse in comparative religion and neo-Ilmul Kalam.

من فضلك قم بتصفح وقراءة المقالات والدراسات عن إسهامات الإمام النانوتوي في مجال الديانات المقارنة وعلم الكلام الحديث

Article 1

الإمام محمد قاسم النانوتوي و جهاده ضد التبشيرالمسيحي في الهند

Article 2

الإمام النانوتوى والرد على الهنادك

Article 3

الإمام محمد قاسم النانوتوي رحمه الله، والردُّعلي المسيحيين

Article 4

إسهامات الإمام النانوتوي في الردّعلى شبهات الهنادكة

Article 5

الإمام النانوتوي كبان أوّل لعلم الكلام الجديد في ضوء خدماته

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Islamic-Literature-Review-Page-Picture2-largeDIIT is a research institute. Since its inception it has focused on the issues related to Islamic Thoughts. DIIT’s Centre for Research and Translations Pvt. Ltd is responsible for publication of refereed journal, periodicals, books etc. However, the authors and researchers are free to publish their independent research works from other publishers, but all works published by the authors and researchers at DIIT can be obtained from Centre for Research and Translations Pvt. Ltd.

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Islamic Literature Review (An International Journal of Islamic Revival)

Islamic Literature ReviewFirst Issue:
Jan-Jun 2014
Vol.1. No. 1
Publisher: Centre for Research and Translations Pvt. Ltd.
Language: Arabic/ English

This is biannual and bilingual (Arabic/English) refereed journal of DIIT. All information regarding aim and objectives of the journal, submission of articles and subscription etc.can be seen at the journal’s page.

Islamic Response to the Secular Variables of the Western Modernity

Author: Dr. Atif Suhail Siddiqui
Year of Publication: 2013
ISBN-13: 978-3-659-44182-0
EAN: 9783659441820
Book language: English

Germany’s Lambert Academic Publishing produces this book of Dr. Atif Suhail Siddiqui. This book aims to see the vision of the Muslim intellectuals for the cause of the Muslim society, when this vision is observed from the West’s point of view positively or negatively both. This book also examines the relationship between past and contemporary Islamic and Western civilizations based upon the mutual attainment of the knowledge and misunderstanding of their social concepts and ideas. The book concludes with an observation, which sees a lack of an appropriate appraisal of the modern Muslim intellectuals and so-called revivalists and finds that there are few lacks in the approach of the scholars. It finds that there are many issues, which most of the so-called revivalists and intellectuals did not address and thus their efforts to revive the Muslimummah became futile.

Life and Thoughts of Hujjat al-Islam Imam Muhammad Qasim Al-Nanawtawi, Founder of DarulUloom Deoband

Author: Dr. Atif Suhail Siddiqui
Publisher: Centre for Research and Translations Pvt. Ltd.
Year of Publication 2014
DIIT Series No: 2014-001
Language: English

This is a brief academic biography of the Founder of Deoband School of Thought. It covers the life and education, polemical and dialectical discourses, religious and political philosophies, Qasimi literature and revivalist traditions etc. of Al-Nanawtawi.

Tajdid-e Din Shari’at wa trarikhki Roshni men

Author: Dr. Yasir Nadeem Al-Wajidi,
Publisher: Dar al-Kitab, Deoband, UP, INDIA
Year of publication 2014
DIIT series No: 2014-002
Language: Urdu

In the Urdu language, this is the first research work on the topic of revivalist movements in Islam. The author has presented the definition of revivalism (tajdid), his views on the importance of revival in Islam and the character of a revivalist (mujaddid). There is also a critical appraisal of so-called revivalist movements among Muslims during the contemporary and medieval history. In addition, the precise biography and the traditions have been mentioned of the original revivalists.

Al-Qamus al-Asari

Author: Dr. Yasir Nadeem Al-Wajidi,
Publisher: Dar al-Kitab, Deoband, UP, INDIA
Year of publication 2014
DIIT series No: 2014-003
Language(s): Arabic, English and Urdu

This is a trilingual (Arabic/English/Urdu) dictionary comprising of more than 70,000 new Arabic terms with their English and Urdu meanings in the field of politics, journalism, defense, economic, medical, law, sports etc. These terms are mostly used during the last half century in Arabic newspapers, magazines, journals and books etc.

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