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Mufti Anwar Khan is the Vice President of DIIT
This week DIIT management appointed Mufti Anwar Khan as the Vice President of the Institute. The formal announcement came after the DIIT president and Director both agreed upon Anwar's appointment as the Vice President of the Institute.

Anwar Khan has been working as the Editor in Chief on the editorial board of Islamic Literature Review, An International Journal of Islamic Revival since 2014. Now an additional and important responsibility has been rendered upon him. The management decided him to name as the Vice President because of his continuous and tireless efforts, which brought DIIT many favors. Dr Atif Suhail Siddiqui, President of DIIT proposed his name for the post, which was supported and welcomed by Dr Yasir Nadeem al-Wajidi, the Director of DIIT and the Deputy Chairman on the editorial board of the journal. Other members of the management and staff of DIIT also welcomed the appointment of Anwar Khan as the Vice President of DIIT.

DIIT Advisory Board, management and staff wish him all the success and hope that his appointment as the VP shall bring more fruitful results for DIIT.

Certificate Course in Islamic Banking and Finance
The course was inaugurated in Deoband in 2014 by His Excellency Dr. Aziz Qureshi, then Governor of Uttrakhand. The course has been now launched with the help of experts from Miftah Institute of Islamic Finance. [].

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Vocational Education (only for International Applicants)
International applicants are invited to an online Vocational Education program. This program is offered to the students who have a postgraduate degree in Islamic or religious studies.
A one year vocational education and research program will help you to develop your understanding of the Deobandi Sunni Islamic literature.

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