Islamic Literature Review
(Islamic Literature Review, An International Journal of Islamic Revival (ISSN 2349-1795))

Jan-Dec 2018 (Rabīʿ al-Ākhir, 1439- Rabīʿ al-Awwal, 1440), No. 6, Vol. 1 & 2 (combined)
Refereed, biannual and bilingual (Arabic and English)

About the Journal

  1. The journal aims to promote/analyze/evaluate only those ideologies, which provided Islamic cultural strength to the Ummah and defended Islamic values in the past. It is now strongly felt that an intellectual revision and promotion of these ideologies is inevitable.
  2. The journal aims to provide a platform for the scholars, academicians and researchers to publish analytical and critical evaluation, textual variations, translations and emendation of the Islamic religious, social and political literature of the great DeobandīʿulamÉ’’.
  3. This literature, which was successful for an Islamic intellectual revolution during the different periods in the history, still has the required potential to galvanize the new generations of the Muslims to play their roles in social, educational and political fields.

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by post to:

The Editor,
Islamic Literature Review
(An International Journal of Islamic Revival),
Deoband Institute of IslamicThought, (DIIT)
Qasmi Colony, Deoband, 247554, UP, INIDA

Islamic Literature Review is a refereed biannual and bilingual (Arabic/English) research journal.


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Issue Islamic Literature Review ISSUE 2014- No. 1 Vol. 1

Issue Islamic Literature Review ISSUE 2014- No. 1 Vol. 2

Research Articles:

Crystallization and Articulation of DebandīTaṣawwuf and the Expansion of the Ùarīqah in the Thoughts and Methods of RashīdAḥmadGangohī and Ashraf ʿAlīThānwī

Author: Aamir Bashir

Rendering the Qur’ān into English: A Study of Muhammad Asad’s Methodology and Approach

Author: Dr. Showkat Ahmad Dar

A Review of the Qur’ānic Terms Ḥikmah and Iḥsān from the Perspective of Some Contemporary Writings

Author: Dr. Altaf Hussain Yatoo


Belief: Does the Prophet Attend Mawlid Gatherings?

Author: Mawlānā Khalīl Aḥmad Sahāranpūrī (b. 1852, d. 1927)

Translated by : Ismaeel Nakhuda

Waḥdat Al-Wujūd, Waḥdat Al-Shuhūd and the Safest Position

Author: Muhammad Taqi Usmani

Translated by : Zameelur Rahman

Book Review:

Maqāṣid Al Sharīʿah and the Human Socio-Ethical Order: An Inquiry into the Islamic Foundations of Human Society with Special Reference to the Work of Muḥammad Al ṬāhiribnʿAshūr on the Sharīʿah Purposes.

Author: Dr Mohammad El Tahir El Mesawi)

Book Reviewer : AtifSuhail Siddiqui

What is a Madrasa?

Author: Ebrahim Moosa)

Book Reviewer : Muhammad Yaseen Gada

Muslim Tradition in Bengali Literature

Author: Syed Ali Ashraf

Book Reviewer : Sumaiya Ahmed



قسم اللغة العربية

الشيخ حبيب الرحمن الأعظميوعطاءه العلمي المميَّز في مجال الحديث النبوي من خلال تأليفِ الكتب فيه وتحقيقِ تراثه

مؤلف: د. سيد عبد الماجد الغَوْري


التفســـــير العثمـــــــــــــانيدراسة تحليلية

مؤلف: محمد عارف جميل المباركفوري


Editorial Board


Dr. Atif Suhail Siddiqui, Dr. Atif Suhail Siddiqui, Founder-President, DIIT, Deoband, UP, INDIA and Yale University Research Fellow

Deputy Chairman

Dr. Mufti Yasir Nadeem, Director, Deputy Dean, DIIT, Deoband, UP, INDIA 

Editor in Chief

Mufti Muhammad Anwar Khan Qasmi, Acting President, DIIT, Deoband, UP, INDIA 

Members of the Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Abdalaziz A. Sachedina,Chair, IIIT, Prof in Islamic Studies at George Mason University, Fairfax

Prof. Dr. Jamal Malik,
 Chair of Religious Studies – Islamic Studies, University of Erfurt,

Prof. Dr. Thameem Ushama,
 Head Dept of Usul al Din and Comparative Religion, IRKHS, IIUM Kuala Lumpur

Prof. Dr. Ashirbek Mominov, Head, Institute of Oriental Studies, Almaty City

Prof. Akhtarul Wasey,
 Chairman, Zakir Husain Institute of Islamic Studies, JMI, New Delhi

Prof. Dr. Carl W. Ernst,
 William R. Kenan, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina

Prof. Dr. Sebestian Guenther, 
Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Göttingen

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abullais Shamsuddin, 
Dept of Quran and Sunnah Studies, IRKHS, IIUM, Kuala Lumpur

Prof. Dr. Ebrahim Moosa,
 Dept of Religion and Islamic Studies, Duke University

Prof. Dr. Zafarul Islam, 
Dpt. of Islamic Studies, Aligarh Muslim University

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fauzi Bin Hamat
, Head, Dpt. of Aqidah and Islamic Thought, API, UM, Kuala Lumpur 

Assist Prof Dr. Sana Haroon,
Dpt. of History, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Assist Prof Dr. Brannon D Ingram,
Dpt. of Religion, Northwestern University, Evanston

Abdurrahmaan Saaleh, Asst. Prof. and Editor, Insight, Dawah Academy, IIU, Islamabad