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Certificate Course in Islamic Banking and Finance

The course was inaugurated in Deoband in 2014 by His Excellency Dr. Aziz Qureshi, then Governor of Uttrakhand. The course has been now launched with the help of experts from Miftah Institute of Islamic Finance. []

The viability of the certificate course is:
  • To help students know about the scope of Islamic banking and finance sectors.
  • To help students make their career in Islamic banking and finance sectors, these two sectors have grown to US $600 billion worldwide.
  • To fill the requirements and needs in these two sectors by developing leaders, Shariah advisors in Islamic banking and finance, potential scholars and Islamic banking and finance professionals.
  • To help students to get admissions in Diploma courses and Degree courses in various world-class institutions.

Eligibility: Students from Madrasah background, 12th passed out, professionals in any sector are eligible for admissions. Those who are enrolled in other programs in other institutes/universities as full time students and those who are working as full time employees may also join.

Download the admission form by clicking the link below, fill it duly and send it by email. For details call at 8394 09 1236, or write to

Download admission form, Click here

1 Year Diploma in Islamic Thought

This program is not offered this year.

Vocational Education (only for International Applicants)

DIIT is a potential research institute for shaping academic career especially in the Western universities. Scholars can explore revolutionary Islamic literature of the great Ulama of Deoband. At present Deobandi scholarship is one of the most potential research areas in Islamic studies.
Applications are invited for vocational education and for exploring the writings of Great Deobandi Ulama.
A one year vocational education and research program will help you to develop your understanding of the Deobandi Sunni Islamic literature.

For better research career and academic development join this course. For more details contact to
The Admission Unit at


Syllabus (Coursework) Code Cr hrs
Urdu Language and Literature
L103 6 Cr Hrs
Classical Islamic Terminologies in English G102 3 Cr Hrs
Al-Nanawtawi's Literature in Ilm al Kalam GV103 3 Cr Hrs
History of Islamic Thought in Indian Subcontinent GC106 3 Cr Hrs
Contribution of Deoband Movment in the Development of Islamic Thought C101 3 Cr Hrs
Selected Reading from the Writings of Mahmud Hasan V101 3 Cr Hrs
Selected Reading from the Writings of Ashraf Ali Thanawi V102 3 Cr Hrs
Selected Reading from the Writings of Muhammad Tayyib V103 3 Cr Hrs


Syllabus (Coursework) Code Cr hrs
Urdu Language, Reading and Writing
L103 6 Cr Hrs

Scholarship based Course

  • Post-graduate Research Program

This program is not offered this year.

Fees Waived Course

This program is not offered this year.


Tuition Fees:

Vocational Education (International Applicants only)

Admission Application Fee: US$100.00

Tuition Fee: US$ 650 per semester

Pre-Requisite Course Fee: US$ 400 per semester

*Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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