Applications are invited:

The doors of DIIT are always open to welcoming the people of high caliber in research and academics. If you feel that you have potential in Islamic Studies (and especially from the perspective of Deoband School of Thoughts), write to us.

DIIT gives priority to the following candidates:

  1. Who have a Ph D or are enrolled in a Ph D program in Islamic Studies.
  2. Who may conduct substantive research in the field of the Deoband School of Islam.
  3. Who may demonstrate excellence in teaching at the undergraduate level.
  4. Who have excellent command in one of the languages—Arabic and English (Bilingual are highly encouraged).
  5. Who are creative and have already contributed in the development of Islamic Thoughts.
  6. Who have publications and are engaged in writing and publishing.

Requirements and Submission:

Send your resume to and a duly filled employment form, which is available at our website. Once we receive your resume and form, we will contact you.

Only shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview by a formal invitation letter or email.






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