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In 1866 CE Deoband became the center of Islamic Intellectual revolution led by Al-Nanawtawi.In the year 2012 CE Imam Muhammad Qasim Al-Nanawtawi International Institute of Islamic Thought was established for reviving the legacy of Great Deobandi Ulama.

 DIIT is renamed Deoband Institute of Islamic Thought (DIIT) in March  2014.
Deoband movement reinstated the legacy of Shah Wali-Allah of Delhi. Thus, Deoband became the center of post-colonial India’s first Sunni Islamic intellectual revolution. 

The establishment of DIIT is the Renaissance of Islamic intellectualism and Islamic thought in Indian subcontinent. 

DIIT aims to introduce the thoughts and revolutionary literature of Deobandi Ulama to the Islamic/Arab and the Western communities of the scholars. Worldwide scholar community and especially those, inspired by Deoband movement, are wholeheartedly welcome for their intellectual contribution.

DIIT offers certificate, diploma, vocational education and post-graduate study programs and research in Islamic Thought.

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